Yoga to Enhance Performance

Strength. Flexibility. Focus. Mental Toughness. Balance.

These are all things that athletes need, and they can be found with yoga practice.

In this course, learn how you can bring yoga into a training regimen to boost performance, reduce injuries, and give athletes the tools they need to reach their goals.

If you already teach yoga and want to bring its tools to athletes or you're a coach or trainer wanting to learn about yoga, this is the course for you. You'll learn all about how the tools and practices of yoga can support many different athletes and how you can incorporate yoga into training in a way that is manageable and effective.

Your Teachers:

Nikki Collazo - Personal Trainer, Body Worker, and Neurokinetic Therapist

Lauren Mason - Yoga Therapist and Continuing Education Provider

Angela Moore - Yoga Therapist and Continuing Education Provider

Allow these skilled experts to teach you about how you can connect with your ideal athletic clients and deliver practices they will not only enjoy, but will also boost their performance in a valuable way. Learn how we have helped numerous athletes with a variety of needs incorporate healthier habits that benefit them in their sport and in their lives.

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