Learn to Help Students Let Go

Wind down your practice and teaching with the yoga style that embraces stillness in the body and slowly allows opening and release, physically, mentally, and emotionally. In this course, learn the unique philosophy and approach of yin yoga and the fundamentals of teaching this style of yoga.

Many modern yoga students know how to flow and strengthen with the "yang" styles of yoga, but many need to be supported in unwinding, releasing tension, calming, and balancing the energies in their bodies with more "yin" style practice. In this course, you will learn the physiological and spiritual benefits that slow, calming yoga practice can offer. The stillness of yin yoga can be soothing and challenging. In this course, you will learn teaching skills that help you hold space for this practice that can be both liberating and difficult and learn how to support your students in this practice that embraces balance and fosters patience.

Your Instructors:

Lauren Mason: E-RYT 500, YACEP, Yoga Therapist, and School Owner

Jennifer Gwin: Acupuncturist

Fanny Price: Yoga Therapist and Yin Yoga Specialist

Course Overview

Why Practice Yin Yoga - with Jennifer Gwin and Fanny Priest

Anatomy of Yin Yoga - Western and Eastern

History and Philosophy of Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga Archetype Poses and Variations

Teaching Yin Yoga: Adaptations and Tools

Sequencing and Class Planning for Yin Yoga

Practice Planning and Teaching Yin Yoga

Example Curriculum

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This course is under construction and available for pre-sale. The full course will be available starting January 30, 2022.